Stories of Hope

Little girl blowing bubbles.
New beginnings start here.
What happened to Sarah.
Thirteen-year-old Sarah was living in a group home. She went out one day and never returned. No one posted on...
Sarah’s Story
Drew finds a permanent home.
Eight-year-old Drew had experienced two full years in a stable, loving home with a devoted family. It was everything he...
Drew’s Story
Quintin defies the odds.
Quintin is now a sophomore at Ohio State. He’s studying to become a police officer so he can help others...
Quintin’s Story
Daniel & Darla
Daniel and Darla find a forever family.
Daniel and Darla have a strong bond that’s common among siblings who’ve survived abuse. Fortunately, the Center for the Rights...
Daniel & Darla’s Story
Leo & Peter
A better life for Leo and Peter.
Brothers Leo and Peter love playing soccer with their friends on weekends. They are thriving in grade school. Their health...
Leo & Peter’s Story
Securing a place for Isabel.
A happy first grader, Isabel loves to practice writing her ABCs and has just discovered the magic of the Tooth...
Isabel’s Story