Success Stories

Little girl blowing bubbles.
New beginnings start here.
Cash finds a safe haven with adoptive parents.
Captain of his middle school basketball team, Cash is on top of the world these days. But even with the...
Cash’s Story
Maya & Logan
Maya finds her home at last.
It took eight long and difficult years, but Maya and her little brother Kevin are together again—with their forever family....
Maya & Logan’s Story
Drew finds a permanent home.
Drew and his three brothers were born to violence in a local meth house. When Drew was six, the four...
Drew’s Story
Liam defies the odds.
Liam entered foster care at age 13. Due to the national shortage of foster families, Liam landed in a group...
Liam’s Story
Daniel & Darla
Daniel and Darla find a forever family.
Daniel and Darla have a strong bond that’s common among siblings who’ve survived abuse. Fortunately, the Center for the Rights...
Daniel & Darla’s Story
Leo & Peter
A better life for Leo and Peter.
Brothers Leo and Peter love playing soccer with their friends on weekends. They are thriving in grade school. Their health...
Leo & Peter’s Story