Mary - from abandoned baby to adopted daughter.
From abandoned baby to adopted daughter:
Providing a safe haven for Mary.
Kaitlin - Rescued from trafficking.
Rescued from trafficking:
Bringing Kaitlyn to safety.
Quintin defies the odds.
From homeless teen to college sophomore:
Quintin defies the odds.
Changing laws that change lives.
Every Child. Justice. Family. Future.
They can’t fight abuse. We can.
Change Their Lives

New beginnings start here.

Our mission is to protect children, change laws and inspire people—to ensure every abused child has a bright future. We envision a day when all of America’s children have the opportunity to live in safe and loving homes.

Our Story
We fight so they live.
children are waiting to be adopted
children are abandoned every year
age out of foster care with no family

Real time advocacy.
Right now.

Children’s Law Clinic

Our pro bono Children’s Law Clinic helps children and their families one on one in their court cases, providing free emergency legal assistance to children across the country.

Ways you can help

Public law & Policy

We work in our home state of Arizona to implement reforms, then share our work nationwide, helping local communities tailor reform to their needs.

Ways you can help

Constitutional Rights

People who hurt children have a constitutional right to counsel, public hearings, and a speedy trial. Yet children do not.

Ways you can help
Maya now volunteers with Gen Justice.

For children in foster care to live happy lives, we need the help of others.


Lived 8 years in foster care and now a proud member of the Barnes Family

Give Happiness

The Center for the Rights of Abused Children has helped 500,000 children and counting.

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