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It took eight long and difficult years, but Maya and her little brother Kevin are together again—with their forever family. The two love camping trips and playing basketball in the driveway.

22,000 children age out of the system every year. But Maya’s story is proof that there’s hope.

Born to abusive alcoholics, young Maya lived in constant fear. Her parents’ fights were so violent she’d lock herself in her bedroom closet, sobbing for hours until their screaming stopped. Often, she’d fall asleep in her hiding place, coming out only when she knew her parents had passed out drunk.

Though federal law requires foster care to be temporary, not a single state complies. The Center for the Rights of Abused Children is fighting to end unnecessary delays that keep kids in limbo for years on end.

When Maya was seven, social services removed her from her birth parents. She spent the next eight years in state care, separated from her siblings, frequently moving between foster homes.

“With your help, I believe we can change the lives of children who are hurt and not loved by a family. They deserve better.” – Maya

Now 15, Maya not only has a home and family. She also volunteers at The Center for the Rights of Abused Children to help give abused children a better tomorrow, like the one that’s become possible for her.

*Details modified to protect the child’s identity.
Your support helps The Center for the Rights of Abused Children fight to keep siblings together and find permanent, stable families to give children the care they deserve.