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Williams Brothers

Williams Brothers

The Williams brothers celebrated their first Christmas with their family this year. Along with the excitement of holidays spent in a home filled with joy, it was even more special because the two boys were together again.

More than half of children with siblings who enter foster care are separated.

Both brothers were both born addicted to meth. The baby, Joey, also had cerebral palsy. For months, the two lived in squalor with a mother who sold and used drugs, was repeatedly evicted, and refused the free in-home medical services Joey needed to survive.

“With your support, our attorneys stand in their corner, fighting for children’s rights, safety, and futures.” –Darcy Olsen, Center for the Rights of Abused Children Founder and CEO

Fueled by drugs and alcohol, their mother’s mental health deteriorated. One day, she got on a bus and threatened passengers with a knife. Authorities stepped in. The brothers were separated and placed in state care.

Our pro-bono Children’s Law Clinic served as the brothers’ advocate in court, providing free legal assistance to expedite their safety.

The Center for the Rights of Abused Children was able to reunite the brothers and facilitate their adoption, thanks to your generous support.

*Details modified to protect the child’s identity.
Help children like the Williams brothers find loving, stable homes where they can grow up together under one roof.