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Alex is in second grade, but he’s already a proud mathlete and dreams of being a scientist when he grows up. His story inspires everyone who hears it to imagine what’s possible.

More than half of children in foster care have developmental disabilities or delays.

At five years old, Alex was repeatedly left at home alone by his heroin-addicted mother. He would go days without a meal. He was terrified every time a drug dealer knocked on the door. When neighbors finally called the police, Alex was placed in foster care.

“Being a foster parent gives you a front row seat to brokenness. Broken systems, broken promises, broken laws. I have to believe there’s a better way.”

-Foster parent Aly Rau

When he started kindergarten, it was clear Alex needed a special education evaluation. Unfortunately, this required his mother’s consent—even though Alex had been removed from her custody. For weeks the school tried to reach her, but she was nowhere to be found.

The Center for the Rights of Abused Children is creating common-sense reforms that provide essential services for abused kids with special needs.

Now, Alex demonstrates every day how children can thrive when they get the special education services they need.

*Details modified to protect the child’s identity.
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