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Stan loves Star Wars movies and has a special bond with his family’s golden retriever — thanks in large part to his adoptive parents. They were determined to return Stan to health after he experienced severe physical abuse.

Stan needed the Center for the Rights of Abused Children in his corner with an attorney fighting for his rights.

At two months old, Stan was left in his crib for over 24 hours unattended. When he wouldn’t stop crying, his parents beat him so severely he was left with permanent brain damage.

Children less than a year old have the highest rate of child abuse.

The court terminated parental rights. A search for relatives failed. Stan was placed with a foster family. It became clear Stan would have lifelong disabilities and require full-time care from a family able to provide the love, support, and specialized medical attention he would need.

“I launched the Center for the Rights of Abused Children from my kitchen table with a foster baby in my arms, guided by my firm belief that all of us want to see children safe and loved.”
-Darcy Olsen, Center for the Rights of Abused Children Founder and CEO

The Center for the Rights of Abused Children expedited Stan’s adoption, making it possible for him to have a forever family that can give him the care he needs for a full and happy life.

*Details modified to protect the child’s identity.
Every 15 minutes a child like Stan enters the child welfare system. Help them secure a life-saving outcome with a loving home and family.